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Consultation and Training: 


1. We organize and train NGO agencies to promote solar cooking in high risk areas of the world


2. We have hands on experience with solar applications for alternative electrical power est. 1987. We can assist in setting up solar cells, inverters, solar lights, solar fridges and battery banks.


3. We do ongoing reseach and development of solar cooker  to improve the way the technology meets the practical needs of the people.





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Contact us: solarclutch@gmail.com 


 Donate or purchase a cooker: write to  Solarclutch@gmail.com                



Director for Solar Clutch: Stephen Harrigan


  Phone: 1- 260-418-6699 


Solar Clutch

Contact: Email Solarclutch@gmail.com

Phone: 1-260-418-6699


If you would like to purchase a solar oven or have us train your people to start a solar cooker effort we would love to help you.


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