The Poly-furnace is a plastic model of the Cookit   by Solar Cookers International. Because of the adverse living conditions of the refugees in Darfur, Sudan the cardboard Cookit will not last much more than 6 months . The need to have a durable Cookit has prompte d us to develop one made of plastic polypropylene flute board. Reflective aluminum polyester is attached to the surface before it is cut and formed. A local group of volunteers have begun to make these for introduction into Sudan 2008


To purchase a Poly-furnace please contact us at  Solarclutch@gmail.com


Pricing: $40 each plus  s/h  for small orders.
Large orders of over 500: Call for discounted rates. 
Shipping air cargo world wide: For orders of 200 or more




The Sun Scoop


The Sun Scoop is a box type cooker made of plastic flute board. It has been designed with Africa city dwellers in mind. It is large enough for 4 pots, and yet light enough to pack up like a suitcase and carry it.  The Sun Scoop has a tempered glass door for a lid and high temp silicone for the seal.  The Sun Scoop  is designed to catch the sun rays from the horizon as well as those from overhead.


video link: Solar Cooking in the Snow


Pricing: $255 plus s/h     (improved model with tempered glass lid, high temp door seal, and lighter weight) Shipping within United States only.  To purchase contact us at  email: Solarclutch@gmail.com   



video link: Cooking in Africa



The Sun Scoop Lite


The Sun Scoop Lite is a trimmed down version of the Sun Scoop box  cooker made of plastic flute board. We kept the original reflectors of the Sun Scoop but removed the insulated box. Using a clear container to insulate the pot it cooks as well as any  cooker with insulated box and glass lid.  Compact and versatile it combinds the power of a box cooker and the simplicity of a pannel cooker.

 Cost is $95.00 plus S/H 




video link: The Sun Scoop Lite in Action


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