We have been training refugees and displaced people throughout Darfur, Sudan as well as in the city of Khartoum. We have done this in collaboration with various Non- Government- Organizations.


We have  connected with local and international aid agencies  in Sudan  such as Darfur Peace and Development,  Practical Action, Action Contre Faim, Samaritan's Purse, World Vision, Jebal Mara Association, Ahfad Women University, Khartoum University, and Sudan Environmental Society. 


In 2011 we collaborated with Premiere Urgence in Chad to deliver 1700 polyfurnaces to the refugees there from Darfur. 


After that we began doing training with Ethiopian and Somali people in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We also have begun training in the Afar region in the North of Ethiopia as well as in Awassa in the South.


We also have begun to do some training in Sierra Leone West Africa to help combat the deforestation that is taking place there around the city of Freetown.


In more recent days we have been working to train local technicians in Mauritania and Egypt.  We have focused  on how to develop and design solar cookers using highly reflective roofing pan and aluminum sheets from the offset printing press of the local newspaper. 


Below are some links to updates that are either in picture or video format.


Solar Cooker Training 2007: 

 Nyala, South Darfur:                         Video Update


Omdurman-Khartoum                    Video Update


Omdurman-Khartoum                    Picture Update


Solar Cooker Training 2008:

Sakali Camp, South Darfur                Video Update 


 Sakali Camp, South Darfur            Picture Update


El Fashir, North Darfur:                   Picture Update


Kassab Camp, North Darfur             Video Update     


Kassab Camp, North Darfur              Picture Update


El Hajusif-Khartoum:                       Picture Update


Solar Cooker Training 2009:

El Ahfad  University-Khartoum:         Picture Update


Agape Center, Ethiopia:                       Picture Update


Sierra Leone, West Africa :         Video Update 


Solar Cooker Training  2010:

El Hajusif-Khartoum:                     Picture Update


Nuba Mountains, Sudan:                Picture Update


 Rep of Guinea, West Africa:           Picture Update


Solar Cooking Training 2011:


 Chad Africa:                                      Picture Update


Solar Cooker Training 2012:

Ethiopia Afar Region:                           Picture Update


Ethiopia Awassa Region:                      Picture Update


Solar Cooker Training 2013


Sierra Leone:                                  Picture Update                          


More cooker designs for Sierra Leone:    Picture Update


Solar Cooker Training 2014


Local Box Cooker, Sierra Leone         Picture Update


Nouakchott, Mauritania:                    Picture Update


Solar Cooker Training 2015

Nouakchott, Mauritania:                 Picture Update 


 Solar Cooker Training 2016

 Egypt First Training                       Picture Update

 Egypt Second Training                  Picture Update


Solar Cooker Training  2017

 Morocco                                      Picture Update



Solar Cooker Design Update  2019

Solar Cooker for  Africa                     Video Update of Prototype



Solar Cooker Design Update  2020

Hybrid Solar Oven/Rocket Stove      Video Update on Hybrid Oven




Hybrid Solar Oven/Rocket Stove
hybrid oven .pdf
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If you would like to purchase a solar oven or have us train your people to start a solar cooker effort we would love to help you.


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